Website Critique

            After visiting the sports sections of, I found out that it is quite different from other sporting news sites I visited in the past. reports false news reports with a comical twist.  While browsing the site, I visited the six pages listed below:

1.      Jerry Sandusky: I’ll Never Forget All The Things Joe Paterno Did For Me

–          This was a story about Jerry Sandusky mourning Joe Paterno.

2.      Jacksonville Jags To Go Without A Head Coach For 2012.

–          This page was just a quick hitter, insinuating that the Jags are so bad that it doesn’t matter if they have a coach.

3.      Bill Belichick Rallies Team By Castrating Player In Locker Rooms.

–          This video featured a few different reports about the super bowl and so on.

4.      College Football Signing Day

–          This page overviews some of the nation’s top high school prospects.

5.      Super Bowl XLVI

–          This page states what each team must do to win the game, comically of course.

6.      Miami’s Alleged Allegations

–          This page takes a stab at the University of Miami’s athletics.

I chose these pages because these were the headlines that were of most interest to me.  This site is not a trustworthy site.  It’s intention is to put a comical twist to popular stories in the sports world.  The information is definitely bias because the reports are all false.  The site is basically similar to many other sporting news sites; however, the purpose of this site is not to be informed, but to get a good laugh.  There is much information because they cover several different sports.  The last updated article is from February 5.  I am under the impression that this site is updated daily.

The navigation of is very easy because it has a combination of text and graphics for several of the articles to catch your attention quickly and there is also a search bar.  The site is definitely visually appealing and you can tell that it is professionally ran and managed.  The site is designed so it can be scanned quickly.  There are many different links to stories to read right on the homepage.  They definitely designed the site with the intention to make it easy to read and navigate.  The images of the site correlate with the articles and they definitely work as an attention getter.  You can interact with the site very easily; the twitter feed of the site is located on the homepage and gives you the ability to follow and tweet at them.  They also give you the ability to post the pages to Facebook.  The content and the images of the site directly correlate with each of the links. does a good job of editing pictures to make them fit the description of their twisted sporting news coverage.  This site would work great as an application for iPhones and Androids.


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