Project Youngstown – The Movie Critique

The following is a web video critique of a video made by students at Youngstown State University named Project Youngstown. Here is the link so you can check it out:

The purpose of Project Youngstown was to highlight some of the nice things that we have here in Youngstown, Ohio. Such as: the new Williamson College of Business, the Youngstown Business Incubator, Turning Technologies and much more. These students did a nice job of capturing Youngstown as the depressed city that many people view it as at the beginning. But they then turned their focus on to the many great things that are here in front of our face. They also made it clear that they feel that we as citizens can stand up and take a proactive stance to help better this city everyday.

Expanding on this video is something I think I would enjoy doing. They really focused on the physical attributes Youngstown has to offer. However, The Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber released a publication in 2011 that could really have help made this web video stronger. The publication takes several different aspects of Youngstown and uses raw statistics to show that this place has millions of opportunities. When I got my hands on this publication, it really shocked me to be honest.

The recording of this video could have been better, but lets not forget that this was a student project. I feel that it could be very beneficial for our community if students kept working on highlighting the positive things about this place we call home!


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