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Spring Break 2012

I guess you can say I took a break this spring. I didn’t go to the beach and drink and party all day. Instead I went to my family’s farm in Lewisville, OH and relaxed!


Reflection on the 1st Half of CMC

The first half of the semester in my Computer-Mediated Communications class at Youngstown State University has been very interesting and a lot of fun. What I like most about the class is the subject matter that we learn about. We have covered who and why the internet was invented through popular “rapid fire tips” to use while blogging. Blogging is something I have never done before, however, because of CMC I am starting to realize what it used for and how it can be beneficial. I like the example that Dr. Earnhardt mentions a lot of how he frequently reads blogs that connect him with other Honda Odyssey owners. (Yes Dr. Earnhardt has a minivan!)
Something that I learned that I think I will definitely use again in the future, is how to e-mail as a way to market a business. I saw this put into action at a previous job of mine at a local butcher shop/deli. The owner used to have a newsletter sign-up sheet at the cash register and customers would sign up and he would email them with information and specials that we offered. Because he was sending this email out to so many people, it often got filtered to their spam folder, and they never received it. CMC taught me why this would happen and what strategies to use to try and avoid it.
Another thing that I am enjoying in CMC is our web video project. I have never recorded any videos and posted them to Youtube so this a complete learning experience for me. My group is shooting a marketing video focusing on why a student-athlete would want to come to YSU. The video highlights YSU’s athletic facilities and we are in the process of getting feedback from some of our current athletes as to why they chose YSU over other schools that offered them scholarships. I had most fun when we went out and shot footage around campus. I did most of the recording and tried keeping in mind the 3 S’s of webvideo, the 7-second rule, and the Rule of Thirds. It is still a work in progress and I am excited to see how the final project is going to come out. Overall, I am having a lot of fun with this class and I really enjoy the way Dr. Earnhardt conducts the course.