Monthly Archives: April 2012

CMC Video

Youngstown State University student video on why General Education is important at the college level.

This video is a very good production for undergraduate students.  In my opinion it is by far the best production in our Computer Mediated Communication course this semester.  It is professional edited and the sound was done professionally as well.  They definitely achieved their goal: telling the audience why general education is important at Youngstown State University.  The quality of the video makes it seem so much more credible than the other videos that we did in class.  Everyone should check this out!


Department of Communication

I chose to implement my social media strategy in to the Department of Communication at Youngstown State University.  The Department of Communication does an average job of marketing through social media.  However, with the amount of social media that current and perspective students use today, I feel that the department can do a much better job.  Twitter and Facebook are very popular sources of social media to college students today.  The department of communication fails to interact with its students via these strategies, and it is a problem that should be addressed.  The department can also implement Youtube into it’s social media strategy, but posting videos of speeches that students delivered.  These strategies should be linked with the main page on the Department of Communication.  Overall, the use of social media through the department is mediocre.  It use social media from the department is inactive on some of the main plat forms such as: Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Customers of the Department of Communication use many means of social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are some of the most popular sites used by perspective high school seniors and current college student.  I feel that there is only so many strategies that would be beneficial for the Department of Communication to implement into its strategy.  Other social media sites many students are using are ones such as Instagram or Pintrest.  However, I do not currenly see how the use of such photography sites such as these can be beneficial to the Department of Communication.