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CMC Video

Youngstown State University student video on why General Education is important at the college level.

This video is a very good production for undergraduate students.  In my opinion it is by far the best production in our Computer Mediated Communication course this semester.  It is professional edited and the sound was done professionally as well.  They definitely achieved their goal: telling the audience why general education is important at Youngstown State University.  The quality of the video makes it seem so much more credible than the other videos that we did in class.  Everyone should check this out!


Department of Communication

I chose to implement my social media strategy in to the Department of Communication at Youngstown State University.  The Department of Communication does an average job of marketing through social media.  However, with the amount of social media that current and perspective students use today, I feel that the department can do a much better job.  Twitter and Facebook are very popular sources of social media to college students today.  The department of communication fails to interact with its students via these strategies, and it is a problem that should be addressed.  The department can also implement Youtube into it’s social media strategy, but posting videos of speeches that students delivered.  These strategies should be linked with the main page on the Department of Communication.  Overall, the use of social media through the department is mediocre.  It use social media from the department is inactive on some of the main plat forms such as: Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Customers of the Department of Communication use many means of social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are some of the most popular sites used by perspective high school seniors and current college student.  I feel that there is only so many strategies that would be beneficial for the Department of Communication to implement into its strategy.  Other social media sites many students are using are ones such as Instagram or Pintrest.  However, I do not currenly see how the use of such photography sites such as these can be beneficial to the Department of Communication. 

Spring Break 2012

I guess you can say I took a break this spring. I didn’t go to the beach and drink and party all day. Instead I went to my family’s farm in Lewisville, OH and relaxed!

Reflection on the 1st Half of CMC

The first half of the semester in my Computer-Mediated Communications class at Youngstown State University has been very interesting and a lot of fun. What I like most about the class is the subject matter that we learn about. We have covered who and why the internet was invented through popular “rapid fire tips” to use while blogging. Blogging is something I have never done before, however, because of CMC I am starting to realize what it used for and how it can be beneficial. I like the example that Dr. Earnhardt mentions a lot of how he frequently reads blogs that connect him with other Honda Odyssey owners. (Yes Dr. Earnhardt has a minivan!)
Something that I learned that I think I will definitely use again in the future, is how to e-mail as a way to market a business. I saw this put into action at a previous job of mine at a local butcher shop/deli. The owner used to have a newsletter sign-up sheet at the cash register and customers would sign up and he would email them with information and specials that we offered. Because he was sending this email out to so many people, it often got filtered to their spam folder, and they never received it. CMC taught me why this would happen and what strategies to use to try and avoid it.
Another thing that I am enjoying in CMC is our web video project. I have never recorded any videos and posted them to Youtube so this a complete learning experience for me. My group is shooting a marketing video focusing on why a student-athlete would want to come to YSU. The video highlights YSU’s athletic facilities and we are in the process of getting feedback from some of our current athletes as to why they chose YSU over other schools that offered them scholarships. I had most fun when we went out and shot footage around campus. I did most of the recording and tried keeping in mind the 3 S’s of webvideo, the 7-second rule, and the Rule of Thirds. It is still a work in progress and I am excited to see how the final project is going to come out. Overall, I am having a lot of fun with this class and I really enjoy the way Dr. Earnhardt conducts the course.

Project Youngstown – The Movie Critique

The following is a web video critique of a video made by students at Youngstown State University named Project Youngstown. Here is the link so you can check it out:

The purpose of Project Youngstown was to highlight some of the nice things that we have here in Youngstown, Ohio. Such as: the new Williamson College of Business, the Youngstown Business Incubator, Turning Technologies and much more. These students did a nice job of capturing Youngstown as the depressed city that many people view it as at the beginning. But they then turned their focus on to the many great things that are here in front of our face. They also made it clear that they feel that we as citizens can stand up and take a proactive stance to help better this city everyday.

Expanding on this video is something I think I would enjoy doing. They really focused on the physical attributes Youngstown has to offer. However, The Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber released a publication in 2011 that could really have help made this web video stronger. The publication takes several different aspects of Youngstown and uses raw statistics to show that this place has millions of opportunities. When I got my hands on this publication, it really shocked me to be honest.

The recording of this video could have been better, but lets not forget that this was a student project. I feel that it could be very beneficial for our community if students kept working on highlighting the positive things about this place we call home! Website Critique

            After visiting the sports sections of, I found out that it is quite different from other sporting news sites I visited in the past. reports false news reports with a comical twist.  While browsing the site, I visited the six pages listed below:

1.      Jerry Sandusky: I’ll Never Forget All The Things Joe Paterno Did For Me

–          This was a story about Jerry Sandusky mourning Joe Paterno.

2.      Jacksonville Jags To Go Without A Head Coach For 2012.

–          This page was just a quick hitter, insinuating that the Jags are so bad that it doesn’t matter if they have a coach.

3.      Bill Belichick Rallies Team By Castrating Player In Locker Rooms.

–          This video featured a few different reports about the super bowl and so on.

4.      College Football Signing Day

–          This page overviews some of the nation’s top high school prospects.

5.      Super Bowl XLVI

–          This page states what each team must do to win the game, comically of course.

6.      Miami’s Alleged Allegations

–          This page takes a stab at the University of Miami’s athletics.

I chose these pages because these were the headlines that were of most interest to me.  This site is not a trustworthy site.  It’s intention is to put a comical twist to popular stories in the sports world.  The information is definitely bias because the reports are all false.  The site is basically similar to many other sporting news sites; however, the purpose of this site is not to be informed, but to get a good laugh.  There is much information because they cover several different sports.  The last updated article is from February 5.  I am under the impression that this site is updated daily.

The navigation of is very easy because it has a combination of text and graphics for several of the articles to catch your attention quickly and there is also a search bar.  The site is definitely visually appealing and you can tell that it is professionally ran and managed.  The site is designed so it can be scanned quickly.  There are many different links to stories to read right on the homepage.  They definitely designed the site with the intention to make it easy to read and navigate.  The images of the site correlate with the articles and they definitely work as an attention getter.  You can interact with the site very easily; the twitter feed of the site is located on the homepage and gives you the ability to follow and tweet at them.  They also give you the ability to post the pages to Facebook.  The content and the images of the site directly correlate with each of the links. does a good job of editing pictures to make them fit the description of their twisted sporting news coverage.  This site would work great as an application for iPhones and Androids.

Funny or not funny?

Simply Fulfilled

This weekend is the Super Bowl, practically a holiday in many households. My husband is already asking what I’m making for him to eat while he watches the game, and I’m actually looking forward to the commercials. And the end of pro football for six months. That might be the best part about the Super Bowl…

Anyway, here are some fun and funny eCards from to celebrate the holiday that is Super Bowl weekend:


The last one in particular makes me laugh because we just had our big TV go out, so now we just have our little tiny 14-inch kitchen TV in our living room. As Dave Ramsey would say, we are living like no one else now, so we can LIVE like no one else later!

Have a stupendous Super Bowl weekend! Whether you love football or not, it’s still something to celebrate! 😉

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Cleveland State Travels To Youngstown State Saturday Night

CBS Cleveland

Cleveland State (17-4, 7-2 HL) at Youngstown State (11-8, 6-3 HL)
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2012
Time: 7:05 p.m. EST
Location: Beeghly Center (6,300) – Youngstown, Ohio
Series: CSU leads, 39-37
Last Mt’g: YSU 73, @CSU 67 (12/31/11)

SETTING THE SCENE: Cleveland State opens up the second round of Horizon League play when the Vikings travel to Youngstown State for a 7:05 p.m. contest on Saturday (Jan. 28). The Vikings are 17-4 overall and in first place in the Horizon League at 7-2, one-half game ahead of Valparaiso and Milwaukee (7-3). YSU is 11-8 overall and just one game back of first place at 6-3 in league play. The Penguins won this season’s first match-up, 73-67, in the Wolstein Center on New Year’s Eve. Since that loss, the Vikings have won five of their last six games. CSU, which is ranked 10th in the latest Mid-Major Top-25, leads the…

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